• More than 40 of history

Born in 1975 in Cabiate, in the heart of Brianza, Penta marked out immediately in the furnishing market for the originality of its proposal: production and sale of five lines of basic complements to decorate the house.

However, the firm belief that being successful meant offering excellent quality together with an intriguing and recognizable design, pushed the firm to specialize in one of the original branches: lighting.

Since then the development of Penta has not stopped, making it part of the limited bunch of leading firms in this field.

In the years the collection has evolved as well, maintaining intact all characteristics that make it different and thus exclusive: quality, elegance, functionality and brilliant matching of materials. Fundamental to this goal is the extreme specialization of the production, the constant exchange of know-how with technicians and designers and the strict quality control.

In 2014 Penta has been acquired by Andrea Citterio, who gave a new imprint to the corporate structure, and in 2021 leads the company to become the group Auralis.

From 2017 three new companies have been acquired and established: Penta Bespoke for made-to-measure lighting, Arredoluce which puroposes the re-edition of the historical pieces designed by the Masters of the Italian design and Castaldi Lighting for technical indoor and outdoor lighting.

With these four companies, each one excellent in its field, Auralis confirms again its important role in the lighting market, offering 360° lighting solution.